How to Find a Job You Love.


It’s one thing to find a job, but to find a job you actually love is a whole other ball game. Here are our tips for finding work you love doing.

The first big question you should ask yourself is, “what do I value most?”

Is company culture or work life balance more important to you? Do you value a supportive environment over a company with great benefits? And where does your salary fall in to this equation?

Research is essential when evaluating job vacancies. Know what you value and know what you aren’t willing to compromise on and make decisions with these in mind. You can research a businesses online presence including their social media pages to understand what their culture and values are, alongside learning their value and mission statements and researching their benefits and salary guides.

Once you understand yourself and you know what you need to prioritise you can take steps towards enjoying a life-long career that you love.

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